Lawn House | Refurbishment of a Listed Building as a Guest House

Hatfield | Hertfordshire


Gascoyne Cecil Estates


TTo make structurally safe a curtilage listed property where the older Georgian parts of the building of had suffered from Victorian cosmetic interventions that had ultimately undermined the structure of the building.

To develop from existing planning drawings, the construction methodology and supporting detailed plans and specifications for a fifteen-bedroom guest house to inhabit an amalgam of Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian properties

Our process to date:

To work with the structural engineer, SFK Consulting and the respectful contractor Ekins Builders Ltd to understand the structural failings of the existing structure and the buildability of different solutions to rectify the problems. 

To produce a written scope for the structural works and let these as a separate contract.

To engage mechanical and electrical consultants to assist the design and construction teams in the specification and sizing of the mechanical plant.

To produce a written scope of works for the restoration, refurbishment and extension of the building to enable its future as a guest house and let these works as a follow-on contract to the structural works. 

To interface with Interior designers and client as to decorations, fittings, fixtures and equipment. 

To oversee and manage on-site works including valuations, variations and overcoming unforeseen complexities.

Managing of final completion and ongoing relationships between client and maintenance providers.