Brielle Way | Industrial Park : Feasability & Outline Planning

Isle of Sheppey | Kent


Sheppy Industrial


To form a consultant team and develop a workable proposal for the construction of 7000sqm of B1 / B2 or B8 Industrial floorspace upon a 3.7 Hectare Site. The local authority recognises that industrial site provision is very much required in on the Isle of Sheppey however this earmarked site is heavily constrained by heritage assets, ecological assets, residential properties, a major highway, railway track, pumped sewer main and poorly structured, contaminated ground.

Our process to date:

Appointment of a suitable consultant team including Alan Baxters (General Constraints, Structural, Transport, Hydrological) Lustre (Ground) Hoare Lee (Lighting and Acoustic) Derek Finney (Ecological) Joh Bates Studio (Landscaping). 

Understand the complexities of the site against the client’s development framework. Develop proposals that delivered the client the necessary overarching assurance that the project was feasible.

Test the proposals against site, development and statutory parameters and refine. 

Develop the proposals to a level of complexity higher than required for outline planning to highlight the window of feasibility this development could exist within.

On-going consultation with client and local authority throughout planning process.