24 Rivington Street | Members House

Shoreditch | London


The Society of Designer Craftsmen


Understand how to unlock the potential of a Grade II Shoreditch Furniture Workshop to benefit the building and the society that owns it.

Our process to date:

  • To establish the best use of the building for the benefit of the society and its mission statement as a charity. This included considering renting or selling the property but also what the building could deliver to its members directly.

  • To test feasibility of the building being used by the society as a members house, including spaces for displaying work, workshops and society meetings.

  • To develop a listed building and planning application that sought to resolve access restrictions within the existing building fabric and to ensure the separate demises would thus maintain the societies option to rent part of the building and offer it some financial resilience if neccesary.

  • In receipt of planning & listed building consent and undertaking to support the society’s fundraising efforts.